Thing #13

The K12 Online Conference that I chose to watch was Creating Learning Experiences without the Textbook.  The conference showed how teachers in Trussville, Alabama are using technology to teach without textbooks.  The one technique that stood out to me was using Livescribe for notes.  When I’m teaching Algebra II, there are a lot of notes and examples I post on the chalkboard.  Using Livescribe would allow me to document notes and allow students & parents to access my notes from home.

The other interesting technology used was QR codes and teachers creating “virtual” field trips.  With the QR codes, students were able to use their mobile devices to click on codes placed at certain locations on an actual field trip to gather more information.  The “virtual” field trips would be time consuming to set up, but they definitely present a cheaper alternative to taking an actual field trip, and students can go at their own pace in looking into the material, and they can always go back and review.

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